Dialogue Creating Vision goes public - the citizen lab

Giving space for what matters

This ad-hoc interactive settings are meant as an experimental playground to delve deeper into the possibilities of new forms of collective dialogue. Citizen labs open a way for engaged citizens to explore what is at stake for us individually and collectively when facing collective key acupuncture point areas such as issues connected to social justice, ecological sustainability, peace and the future of our actual political systems. The event is facilitated and at the same time it is a setting that asks for active full presence and self-responsible participation. It is an excellent possibility to gain a first impression on what is possible in in-depth generative presencing labs.


As a participant you just show up at the next citizen lab and explore what is in there for you. No prior experience needed!


You are a host and you want to offer your audience a special event and make your space available for issues that concern wider society? It is very suitable for cafes, bars or bookshops who want to open their doors for that kind of inspirational experience. If you are an artist and you are looking for a different way to hold a vernissage or closing event, this might be for you as well. Feel free to contact me for more information! If you are a social activist already working with or for an organisation and you feel the need to connect in a unique way with a wider audience to further promote your actual project and gain deeper insights on what might be needed on the level of wider society, a citizen lab might be for you as well.


A citizen lab usually takes 3 to 3,5 hours. It can host 30 to 50 people, if room and equipment allows it an event for up to 100 guests is doable.


Please contact us if you are interested in a Citizen Lab in your city!