Karin Vatter

Process Facilitator, Trainer, Future Pioneer

  • CAS in Conflict Transformation
    (ICP Bern & University of Basel)

  • Dialogue Process Facilitation (Freeman Dhorithy & Steffi Dobkowitz)

  • Trauma Integration
    (Thomas Hübl)

  • Project Management
    (m.e.d. Concept)

It is all about allowing ourselves to open up for deeply being in connection - with our self, the very other and the much greater dimensions of life itself.



It is my intention and my passion, to make myself available for collective change processes and to train, facilitate and encourage groups of dedicated people to gain excellence in their field and thus contribute further to the important and crucial work they are doing all around the collective core acupuncture areas of our time.

My interest in the collective dimension of humanity led me quiet early to the recognition of collective trauma. When digging into the possibilities of conflict transformation, mainly in the context of the Israel-Palestine conflict, I started to realize that this felt sense of “there is no partner for peace on the other's side” highly reflects what is true for most of our conflicts, may they be individual or collective conflicts. Usually we gather around our own interests and view the other only as a partner to further consolidate this very interests. On the collective level this usually leads to the phenomenon that people gather with people who show up with very similar perspectives and ideas. In the moment the other appears to really be other we usually drop out, shouting that "there is no partner".


When in an already challenging situation trauma dynamics get triggered the outcome of any kind of interaction is usually poor, if there is one at all. With my interdisciplinary approach, combining dialogue process facilitation, trauma integration and need-based conflict transformation I developed a highly practicable method to go beyond this dynamics. Including often subconcious subtle movements and energies on the collective level as a necessary part of the process itself, enables a group, a small part of a greater collective, to exactly acquire the competences needed to finally be able to implement meaningful action for change.


A main characteristic of our time I've observed is that lone-wolf actions are exactly not what we do need anymore. Looking at the high fragmentation of our societies on the collective level groups such as governments, political parties, social or even charity movements can represent a lone-wolf action as well. More and more people realize that and are searching for other ways to relate, connect and reach out to each other.


As all of my work is highly influenced by Otto Scharmer's Theory U I am convinced that collective mind-changing processes of digging deep first and breaking established patterns are necessary to open the generative and inspiring places where mutually shared  visions for a desired future are evolving. It is my passion to be of service in that.

While most of my educational background happened to be in an European or international context, when mainly having stayed in Israel during the years 2015-2017, I explicitly engaged with practice groups dealing with conflict dynamics and collective trauma integration there. At the moment I reside in Berlin, Germany. I offer my work both in English and German.

For a more detailed description of the Methods and approaches I work with please see under "Methods & Matrix"