The most fascinating part of Dialogue Process work is that it breaks the automated and engraved patterns our conditioned egos usually show up with in group settings. This breaking-the-pattern-thing is exactly what allows inspiration and freshness to genuinly show up - step right into the experience!

Dialogue Creating Vision offers effective powerful tools to access the creative space in between us - taking back our need of becoming and to relate to each other into the horizontal collective dimension.

Collective dynamics – learn how to move from quick, result-oriented activism and the tendency of wanting to feel good with each other to a generative field that allows action that matters. Experience the natural flow of an in-depth group dialogue and gain important insights in collective dynamics


Gain excellence in the important and crucial work you are doing. It is my Competence and passion to train and facilitate dedicated groups of cultural Architects to be in service of the next step of human evolution.

Choice of Projects & Events

Generative presencing Labs - basic Training


Partizipate in an in-depth training series to access the collaborative space in between us.


Discover the dimensions of dialogue process facilitation, its inter-connectedness with  trauma integration and conflict transformation and learn to apply Theory U dynamics during this training course.


For all details check out our site "The Training"!


Please contact us if you are interested in a training in your area!


Dialogue Creating Vision goes Public - The Citizen Lab

For participants: Join with your most pioneering, curious and explorative mindset and experience the possibilities of an ad-hoc generative presencing lab. Just drop by, no prior booking necessary.


For hosts: Ready for some experimental action? Offer a special event to your audience and invite the citizen lab to your public space, your cafe, bar or community center.


For more inspiration & details please check out our "Workshops & Events" site.

Introduction workshop on Generative Presencing Labs

This one-day workshop is designed to take you right into the possibilities of generative presencing labs as a first impression of what is possible there.


You will be able to feel and sense into the qualities & benefits of this work and by the end of the day it might become clearer for you if this is a field where you want to dig deeper.


The underlying theme will be "participation". In witnessing mayor global challenges worldwide it becomes clear that after the acknowledgement of basic human rights, female participation in society and the rise of democracy we find ourselves at a turning point in history that asks for new forms and formats of participation.


So, what can it be that wants to gain momentum and what does it ask from us?


Be very welcome to contribute with your participation to this micro-presencing-lab.


Please contact us if you are interested  in a workshop in your area!

Aligning with the challenges of our time - some thoughts

Our highest intentions and aspirations and our deepest fears, wounds and unmet needs are exactly the ingredients needed to activate the memory of the past and the calling from the future, emerging into the new leading edge of humanity. Generative presencing labs will be the co-creative and pro-active think tanks for social pioneers and an adequate playground for the cultural architects to be in service of the greater whole of humanity.


There is a need to re-define and re-access thinking, taking it back to a place where thinking is a coherent movement of even our most subtle physical, emotional and intellectual intelligence. Coincidentally we are called into the purpose of re-defining community and the public sphere. Highly community-based societies and collectives that show up with high individualization are meaningful and necessary developments in human history. Nevertheless there is a felt need that these extremes want to merge into something new.


It touches upon our still very present and active past with all its traumas, dramas and hero stories, which finally wants to emerge into a much more complete and much more sober perspective on our current situation. Sounds like work? It indeed is. The good news is that all the competencies we acquire while digging deep are exactly the skills needed to make ourselves available for focused and well-concerted action that matters.