The most fascinating part of Collective Dialogue Facilitation is that it breaks the automated and engraved patterns our conditioned egos usually show up with in group settings. This breaking-the-pattern-thing is exactly what allows inspiration and freshness to genuinly show up - step right into the experience!

Dialogue Creating Vision offers effective powerful tools to access the creative space in between us - taking back our need of becoming and relating to each other into the horizontal collective dimension.


Collective dynamics – learn how to move from quick, result-oriented activism and the tendency of wanting to feel good with each other to a generative field that allows action that matters. Experience the natural flow of mutally shared purpose and gain important insights into collective dynamics


Collective Dialogue Facilitation has the potential to uplift your organisation's profile to address actual challenges in the most adequate way.

Some Glimpses into my work

Collective dialog processes evoke physical, emotional, and cognitive dimensions to come into more coherent states inside oneself, leading to changes in how participants relate to others and the structures and cultures around us in the same coherent way


These group experiences can lead to an attitude that embraces actual global challenges as catalysts for the evolution of a new culture


In collective dialogue work the connective life tissue becomes tangible - it evokes our sensitivity and helps let us become aware of these invisible bonds between us and the way we treat it so far - it allows new skills to arise that are valuing and honouring differently who we are together


These training fields allow tangible moments of natural flow of shared purpose and interest in which participants learn new ways of caring for relational space - they start to become a felt embodied possibility of renewed societies


Processes I can lead people through can have a felt experience of healing effect, but these are side effects of the work - it is not in the first point about healing - it is about allowing something to happen that might be foreclosed by the way we conceptualize healing



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Aligning with the challenges of our time - some basic notions

  • We feel the need to re-connect to the experience that life is purposeful - and purposeful life wants and can only be experienced in between us - it doesn’t exist in the over-individualized spaces that we find ourselves in today


  • We need to look at actual concepts and we can think it over and decide if we still need them


  • Something wants to evolve out of democracy - democracy is an intermediate space - many old structures of former systems are alive in our actual practice


  • We develop new senses of shared responsibility in a grown-up collaborative society that takes responsibility for their own future


  • We start to understand new ways of coherently using our intelligence - physical, emotional and cognitive - leading from a future vision of human society that wants to evolve


  • We allow feminine leadership qualities to fall into their adequate place


  • We feel the need to set a tender developmental framework for future societies that are based on a culture that is aware of the importance of the relational space in all fields of life as a necessity for being able to find solutions to our global challenges


  • We are giving birth to the evolvement of future societies - the way we are with each other - that allows us to generate adequate and sustainable responses to the global challenges we face


  • We are entering a time in which evolution can be felt in a lifetime

Art of Dialogue                  Diversity                             INTENTION


                   collaborative society                                                Movement of the U                 

                                            leading from the future to evolve


                       Participation                                     collective awareness


                                Trauma Integration                 conflict transformation


Cultural Architecture                       generative presencing labs


mindful heart          PARTICIPATIVE LEADERSHIP                     communication & communion



           Mindset                                     female leadership qualities